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250,000. Boom.

That’s right. We built our 250,000th North American-manufactured self-propelled boom lift. Watch as our team in Shippensburg, PA, assembles this milestone 660SJ.

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We had 249,999 reasons to be proud. Now we have 250,000.

And the milestone boom goes to…Skyworks in Buffalo, NY! Jerry Reinhart, owner of Skyworks, bought our 100,000th North American-manufactured, self-propelled boom lift, and now, he bought our 250,000th. We’re honored to provide him and all our customers with advanced, high-quality equipment. Thanks to years of innovation, new areas of the job site are within reach with today’s boom lifts.

Building better every chance we get.

From pre-build prep to inspections and testing, manufacturing one JLG® boom lift takes hours of careful attention to detail. As the boom moves through the line, our team works tirelessly to create the type of product you expect from an industry leader. And though our manufacturing processes have changed throughout the years, one thing has not—our commitment to superior products.

Watch our team build the 250,000th boom at our Shippensburg manufacturing facility.


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Wrapped for success.

The next step for our milestone boom lift was a custom wrap. The patriotic design incorporates the American flag, a bald eagle and a prominent "250,000th" on the counterweight and the boom. Watch as we apply the wrap before the boom is shipped to its new home in Buffalo, NY.
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From 1 to 250,000 The Evolution of the JLG® Boom

You use our machines to build and maintain better infrastructure around the world. That’s why, for nearly 50 years, we’ve delivered industry-first technology and highly productive products inspired by you. As we look ahead, we see advancements on the horizon that will propel us into the next decade and beyond. Know that when you build with a JLG, you build on a legacy of innovation, safety and trust.